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With OfficeEMR, you can take advantage of additional value-added functions, such as managed billing, with a click of a button.


ChartShareMD allows medical staff to securely share patient records instantly with other clinics, payers, attorneys, medical journals, and educational and health institutions anywhere in the world, regardless of the receiver’s software system.

  • Review all or limited patient chart data through a secure website with anyone necessary
  • Allows receiving clinician to respond with comments directly back into the system
  • Allows submitter to control data accessed, time limits and personal identification

Data Analytics Cube

Discover what’s going on under the hood of your practice with the Data Analytics Cube, a unique reporting tool that analyzes all the data within your OfficeEMR database. Optimize the management and analysis of your data to save your time and maximize your practice’s profitability.

  • Follow and review key performance indicators
  • Expose hidden data that is driving change and growth in your practice
  • Establish and track Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

Data Import

To make the transition as smooth as possible, let iSALUS handle the importation of your existing patient records in your OfficeEMR database.

Patient Demographics 
  • Patient information (name, address, DOB, phone #’s, emergency contacts, etc.) including old system chart #
  • Responsible party information (guarantor) (with patient insurance information tied) 
  • Insured information (insurance ID #, group/policy #, etc.), including coverage level
  • Insurance (Payer) list with unique identifier (internal record number for payer)

Medical Record Information
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Problem List
  • Vitals
  • Electronic Images
  • Documents

Payer Information 
  • Payer information (name, address, phone numbers, etc.) including internal# for payer

Appointments (Schedule) Information 
  • Patient information, including old system chart number 
  • Resource (provider) information/identifier 
  • Date/Time/Duration of appointments 
  • Comments and/or chief complaint

Fee Schedule  
  • CPT/HCPCS Code 
  • Fee Amount

Data Extract

Let iSALUS handle the process of extracting data from your current system and preparing the files for import into OfficeEMR.

Practice Management – provided in Microsoft Access 
  • Patient information (name, address, DOB, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Responsible party information (guarantor)
  • Insured information (insurance ID#, group/policy #, etc.), including coverage level
  • Insurance (payer) list with unique identifier (internal record number for payer)
  • Provider information (rendering and referring)
  • Service Locations
  • Appointments (past and future)
  • Billing Claim Information and Payments
Medical Record Information – provided in Microsoft Access
  • Allergies
  • Problem List
  • Vitals
  • Rx
  • SOAP Notes (stored as HTML)
  • Letters (stored as HTML)
  • Immunizations
  • Lab Results
All Stored Files & Images – provided in the native format in which they were saved  
  • All files and images will be placed on USB Drive

Electronic Statement Processing

This feature is used while working your Accounts Receivable, and you can batch the “Ready to Send” claims and send them as electronic statements.

  • Design user-friendly statements and letters
  • Faster delivery, faster payment
  • Alleviate your practice from all printing, mailing, and postage

OfficeEMR iPhone Application

Designed to work with your iPhone, this application has many of the same features found in the OfficeEMR.

  • Have access to your charts for review “On The Go”
  • Update and Review your appointment schedule
  • Submit Prescriptions and refills to be filled from your phone


The iScrubber is a real time, online software engine designed to review an organization's healthcare claims for omissions and potential errors before they are submitted to the payer.

  • Identifies potential errors, and then provides the solutions in real time prior to submission
  • Quickly reach maximum claims compliance according to Medicare and Medicaid Rules
  • Averages 1-2 seconds for each claim review

Insurance Eligibility

This feature allows a practice to determine the insurance status of its patients electronically before the time of service instead of post-billing.Prevents potentially serious financial losses due to patient ineligibility.

  • Saves time spent on manual eligibility check (up to 15 min per patient) and eliminates human errors
  • Improves payment collection by providing accurate information on co-pays and deductibles

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