OfficeEMR Billing Solution

iSALUS believes medical billing services are an integral component to the healthcare system. We understand that your responsibilities encompass much more than simply billing.

That’s why the iSALUS Billing Software Solution offers powerful functionality and incorporates all of the essential proactive management functions in one affordable, web-based, unified system.

Because the iSALUS OfficeEMR solution is cloud-based, you will not incur major capital expenditures for hardware or IT infrastructure, and you will receive free, automatic system updates.


Powerful Billing Tools

The iSALUS Billing Software Solution is the power behind the office, helping you get good, clean claims out the door faster with fewer resubmissions. From the time the patient schedules an appointment, the iSALUS Billing Software Solution is at work, making sure that claims can be processed quickly, accurately and completely – improving efficiencies dramatically.

Multiple Clinicians, Specialties & Users

You work with multiple clinicians, so should your software. The iSALUS Billing Solution is designed to accommodate multiple users, workflows and specialties simultaneously and seamlessly.


OfficeEMR Delivers  

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