Become a Meaningful User with OfficeEMR

iSalus OfficeEMR Provides Tangible Benefits to the User

Provide Patients a More Satisfying Experience

The tangible benefits of becoming a meaningful user of OfficeEMR are clear:

  • Improve patient record workflow
  • Streamline exchange of information
  • Provide higher quality of care
  • Qualify for stimulus dollars
  • Improve the financial health of your practice

At iSALUS, we know that meeting and exceeding patient expectations is key to fostering patient loyalty and maintaining a profitable practice.

That’s why we’ve designed OfficeEMR with an intuitive interface and a streamlined patient-record workflow that allows you to quickly capture and access vital patient information in the exam room in a way that feels natural to both you and your patients.

OfficeEMR helps you build patient loyalty through:

  • Improved convenience
  • Ease of access
  • Less time filling out forms
  • Reduced waiting room time
  • Fewer delays

OfficeEMR's Patient Portal Application

Learn how OfficeEMR can streamline your patient workflow and maximize your profitability - CLICK HERE to contact us and schedule a live demo or reach us by phone at 1-888-280-6678.

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